WEBINAR on Cognitive Performance with Cognivia TM

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Revealed as 2020 finalist for the NutraIngredients Awards (EMEA and USA) in the Healthy Aging and Cognitive function categories, Cognivia™ is a vegetal nootropic. Specifically developed for people wishing to improve their memory and concentration.

Discover its overall benefits on memory supported by a NEW clinical study, assessed by well-known COMPASS battery of cognitive tests. During this 30-min ingredient presentation, you will learn:

Trends about the brain health supplement market that is predicted to surge with an increased number of consumers struggling to concentrate and maintain focus.
Why Cognivia™ is the ingredient of choice to boost your working memory.
How Cognivia™ is scientifically supported and clinically proven.

Top awarded nootropic to boost your working memory
Tuesday June 16, 3 pm (CEST)

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Webinar on June 25

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