WEBINAR Special ASIA – Create the Perfect Sensory Experience with Natural Texturizers

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WEBINAR – Create the perfect sensory experience

The traditional dairy & non-dairy sector shows no sign of slowing down with consumers seeking better eating experience with products that offer the best combination of taste, texture, and nutrition.

However, formulating appealing dairy & plant-based products with good taste, desirable and indulgent texture, and a stable shelf-life gets more challenging due to the highly functional sugar / fat / protein properties.

Minimally processed, the large naltive locust bean gum range is best-in-class as it provides specific technical benefits and multi-sensory experience in various challenging applications.

In this webinar, Nexira will take you along on an exploration of innovation opportunities for indulgent dairy, plant-based and jellied products with high performing texture:

  • Learn how naltive locust bean gum prevents the growth of crystals in dairy and dairy-free ice creams & frozen desserts resulting in a creamy mouthfeel with a uniform and pleasant meltdown,
  • Stand out from your competitors by creating the perfect plant-based drink with roundness and palatability,
  • Understand how to combine naltive locust bean gum with other hydrocolloids to adjust the texture and to reduce the syneresis phenomena in challenging applications such as cheese sticks, jellies or puddings

We will also host a 15 min live Q&A to make sure we answer all your questions. See you there!

Is it for you?

You are a manufacturer / brand in the food industry. If you are looking to develop a finished product with enhanced sensory experience or if you are already familiar with locust bean gum and need assistance, this is the perfect opportunity to join our webinar.

Thursday, January 12th, 2023, 04:00 pm SGT

🕛 About 45min

Webinar on June 25

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