Eficacia TM is a special quality of naturally purified and instantized acacia gum.


Preparing a stable flavor emulsion for beverages firstly requires excellent raw materials and a thorough knowledge to obtain long-lasting stability. Thanks to strong partnerships in acacia gum producing countries, Nexira guarantees the highest quality of acacia gum through careful selection of raw material and gentle manufacturing process.

Nexira’s highly skilled R&D team has the perfect knowledge to achieve stable and eco-friendly emulsions.

Eficacia TM is a naturally purified and instantized grade of acacia gum with the highest emulsifying properties; it is obtained through an innovative proprietary process.

Eficacia TM has been designed for various applications in food industry.

Instantized and dust-free, Eficacia TM dissolves easily, allowing quick and clean processing with:

  • Manufactured in France
  • Operation costs reduction
  • Easy-to-use and energy-saving during the process
  • Low viscosity
  • Excellent stability to pH, alcohol, even in presence of synthetic colors
  • Natural, GMO-free
acacia eficacia
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