• A complete range of all-natural solutions
  • Ultimate performance in protection of sensitive components

Encapcia TM is an all-natural protective solution for sensitive compounds from acacia gum.


Encapsulation by spray drying is certainly the best value technique for protecting sensitive components from degradation and for converting oil soluble liquids into water-dispersible powders.

Nexira offers a complete range of all-natural acacia gum with exceptional film-forming and emulsifying properties. Our range ensures superior protection over time compared to modified starches or other chemical alternatives.

Encapcia TM is a combination of high-quality grade of natural acacia gums, obtained by a specific and innovative technological process. It is ideal for flavor and color applications as an encapsulating agent.

Encapcia TM is specifically designed for the encapsulation of highly delicate components, such as vitamins, natural colors or polyunsaturated fatty acids. Encapcia TM extends the stability of emulsions before spray-drying or when oil loads higher than 25% are required.

  • Manufactured in France
  • Particularly effective for sensitive encapsulations (highly concentrated natural colors, vitamins and nutraceuticals)
  • Excellent flavor protection, stability and optimized shelf life
  • Cost reduction due to its high degree of functionality
acacia encapcia ingredient
acacia gum inavea

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