Nootropic & Adaptogen

  • REPLENISHES & BALANCES vital energy
  • BOOSTS cognitive & physical abilities
  • CONTRIBUTES to the body’s natural defenses

Red Ginseng root (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer)(Araliaceae family), is sourced from five-year-old plants from Jilin, a northeastern province of China.


Ginsenosides, the active molecules from ginseng, are specific types of triterpene saponins. Ginsenosides are distributed in many parts of the ginseng plant, including the root and the leaf. Nexira has a high proficiency regarding the entire chain and guarantees the authenticity of our Red Ginseng root extract, without any adulteration with leaf or other species.

Nexira’s Ginseng Extract :

  • Strict raw material selection
  • Gentle process: Water extraction at our facility in France
  • Standardization to 5% total ginsenosides

In Asian traditional medicine, dried ginseng is used as a tonic to rejuvenate vital energy.

Ginseng contributes to the natural defenses and proper functioning of the immune system. At least 30 ginsenosides have been isolated and characterized in the literature. The physiological actions of individual ginsenosides may work in opposition. For example, the two main ginsenosides, Rb1 and Rg1, respectively, suppress and stimulate the central nervous system. These opposing actions may contribute to the «adaptogenic» description of ginseng and its purported ability to balance bodily functions. 1,2

Ginseng is traditionally used to enhance cognitive and physical abilities, in cases of weakness, tiredness or loss of concentration. Ginseng is also approved for use during convalescence. 1,3

Panax ginseng also benefits from several pending claims.

Thanks to its multiple health benefits and its notoriety as an adaptogen and a nootropic, Ginseng is a rising ingredient in Supplements & Beverages for:

ginseng ginseng



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