Acacia, A Natural Emulsifier

As the global leader in the supply of Gum Acacia [Gum Arabic], Nexira has vast expertise in its multiple uses. One of the key functions of Gum Acacia is its use as an emulsifier

Our know-how results in the production of high-quality acacia gum emulsifiers, enablingmanufacturers in the food industry to address several crucial issues regarding consumers: what they desire, what values they deem important, and finally, what they expect from the market.

As it happens, they expect a lot.

Many published predictions offer a diversity of answers, yet all of them point towards a few basic conclusions regarding current consumer trends.

What do consumers really want?

More than just good taste. An expansive food experience that engages the other senses beyond taste is more important to consumers than ever before. Although taste is still the primary driver, they also value texture and visual appeal, including the color and presentation.

It’s all about the options. Consumers want choices when it comes to creating personalized nutrition, based on their dietary needs and lifestyle. With literally everything on the table, from gluten-free options to a life decision that focuses on plant-based meals, food brands are responding by constantly launching new ideas, whether it’s never-seen-before products, or revamping traditional recipes for a new market.

Food as a source of improved health. Today’s consumers are more aware that better food means better health, so they look for natural, clean, and organic products. The way that their food is sourced really matters to them, and there is added value in knowing its origins, specifically whether the ingredients are traceable and sustainably sourced.

Uses of Arabic Gum Emulsifiers

Emulsifiers have always played a key role in providing the sensory experience that consumers desire. However, as the market becomes increasingly complex, many food brands have had to pivot in order to deal with some specific challenges: maintaining texture, structure and moisture in their products. It’s important to use emulsifying agents that are available in different grades for widely diverse applications, while ensuring that they are naturally sourced and certified organic.

With enhanced emulsifying properties, acacia gum is the all-natural ingredient of choice for stabilization and the most efficient when it comes to protecting liposoluble liquid products with encapsulation. Thus, even the most sensitive products enjoy an extended shelf life when they are protected from external factors.

Moreover, hydrocolloids such as Acacia Gum can also be used as a thickening agent, and provide many distinct benefits to the textural quality. For example,a hydrocolloid can stop water from separating in yogurt, improving both the viscosity and taste.

In baked goods, acacia is particularly used for moisture regulation, which plays a major role in preservation and optimized shelf-life. Acacia gum stabilizes the texture in storage, which helps prevent hardening or softening and avoids the sticking effect on packaging, due to its superior water regulation properties. This allows an improved water retention during shelf-life, resulting in freshness and chewiness over a longer period of time.

Added-Value Solutions from Nexira

With our range of high-quality acacia gum emulsifiers [Instantgum™, Eficacia™, Superstab™ and Efistab™], we at Nexira are well-placed to meet this demand. The main elements that contribute to the high standards of our products are our sourcing, technology and expertise.

Nexira has a long-standing commitment to sustainably sourced gum acacia. The production of our acacia gum starts in the African Gum Belt, the sub-Saharan region extending through several countries from the east to the west coast. Carefully selected from theacacia tree, acacia gum is a dried exudate from the stem and branches of Acacia Senegal or Acacia Seyal trees found in the Gum Belt.


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