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NEW Clinical Study

Natural Nootropic to Boost Your Working Memory

Cognivia™ , a vegetal and organic nootropic, is a unique synergistic combination of two Sage species specifically developed for people wishing to improve their memory and concentration. Nexira has conducted a NEW clinical study on this ingredient which has been recognized by the industry as the finalist for the Nutraingredients Awards 2020 in Europe and the USA in the Cognitive health category and Healthy aging category.

Spotlight on Nootropics

According to the institute Research and Markets, the market for cognitive products is expected to increase by 14% between 2018 and 2022. Nootropics are gaining ground both within the dietary supplements market and in the overall food & beverage market with new emerging products such as functional beverages, cereal bars or teas claiming an improvement of brain performance.

Consumers are mainly looking for benefits on memory (72%): this positioning represents 50% of the sales. Secondly, they seek to maintain healthy brain functions (59%), prevent memory loss (57%) and help with concentration (55%). Finally, 48% of consumers are seeking increased focus. General concern also exists over a lack of sleep, stress and mood which can affect cognitive health.

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What you’ll find inside:

  1. Cognitive functions and the associated market
  2. Cognivia™, a unique ingredient
  3. Literature on sage
  4. Proprietary studies and Cognivia™ benefits

Who Are The Consumers?

Consumers have become more conscious about their mental well-being with 90% of consumers saying that they have taken some forms of steps to try and improve their mental health over the last twelve months (FMCG Gurus). The cognition market supporting by stong demand for products that help raise alertness and sharpness targets a large consumer audience:

  • Athletes & e-gamers, expecting to keep their cognitive functions at their best;
  • Aging people, needing to preserve their cognitive functions;
  • Active people, 24/7 ‘always on’ lifestyle, busy office workers looking to stay at the top of their capacity all day long;
  • Students, using supplements before exams to improve their ability to learn and stay focus.

NEW Clinical Study for Cognivia™: Natural Nootropic to Boost your Working Memory…

… even during intense physical activity!

Cognivia™, our unique synergistic combination of Sage extracts, has already demonstrated an acute and chronic effect on working memory on active healthy volunteers in a 1st clinical study.

Our NEW placebo controlled, double-blind, randomized, crossover clinical study led by INSERM during intense physical activity has highlighted¹:

Acute Effect

Once again, Cognivia™ has been proven to be efficient from single intake.

Working Memory Boost

+9% increase in Numeric Working Memory!

✅ Reaction Time Improvement

Compared to placebo, Cognivia™ has demonstrated a systematic and overall significant decrease in Reaction Time throughout all test points, which could lead to higher attention performance for e-gaming.   

✅ Perceived Exertion Decrease

Cognitive tests were performed during intense physical activity. Workout has been felt as very intense and inducing fatigue. Cognivia™ has shown a significant overall decrease in Rate of Perceived Exertion compared to placebo.   

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[1] INSERM – Cognition, Action et Sensorimotor plasticity; Sport science university – Dijon – Fr  I Publication in progress
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