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With more than 125 years as an independent, family-owned company, Nexira’s continuing success is built upon its history of deep commitment to sustainability. As a world leader in acacia, Nexira is committed to pushing boundaries with enduring partnerships, innovative products, and expanded global supply capabilities.

With a presence in over 80 countries across five continents, our acacia experts are always nearby to provide unparalleled support and solutions tailored to your needs. Nexira’s teams stand united by this invaluable ingredient that defines our unparalleled expertise.


World Leader and Manufacturer of Acacia

Having had an established presence in Africa for more than a century, Nexira is a true pioneer in acacia fiber research. Very early in its history, Nexira focused its scientific research on the nutritional benefits of acacia gum as a native source of soluble dietary fiber*. As part of its scientific corporate culture, Nexira has performed a large number of research studies and clinical trials with acacia fiber, enabling the company to file patents for the health benefits of its natural ingredients, augmenting their global reputation in the nutraceutical industry.

Nexira offers natural and organic ingredients for nutrition including dietary soluble fibers* with prebiotic properties, as well as value-added ingredients which offer functionality in multiple categories including emulsifiers, stabilizers, texturizers, encapsulation and coating agents, etc. Throughout the value chain, Nexira is an authentic partner to its customers, with guaranteed sourcing, certified quality, customized solutions, technical advice, and regulatory support.

acacia gum

All our assets, intervention on the entire value chain: from sustainable and reliable sourcing, manufacturing in France, worldwide distribution and added values through science, technical & regulatory support and marketing to our large portfolio of specialties.

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