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Nexira offers a wide range of high quality natural botanical extracts, specialties and powder with standardized active content. Organic grades are available.

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Nexira’s botanical extracts and specialities are globally sourcing and combined to extensive R&D to provide ‘tomorrow’ active ingredients unique on the market. Ancestral and traditional health benefits are concentrated in our botanical extracts. In-house quality controls are set up to guarantee a reliable quality and the origin of our botanical list.


Acacia GumorganicHorsetail 
Acerola NEWorganicHydrolyzed Proteins 
Artichoke  Lemon Balmorganic
Baobab NEWorganicLemon Juiceorganic
Beetroot organicMarine Calcium 
Bilberry organicMarine Magnesium 
Blackcurrant  fruitorganicMatcha NEW 
Black Pepper MCT NEW 
Cherry Stem Milk Thistle 
Chicory organicNettle leaforganic
Chlorella organicNopal 
Cinnamon Nucleotides 
CranberryorganicOlive Fruitorganic
Desmodium  Papaya 
Devil’s Claw organicPassion Flower 
Fenugreek Pineappleorganic
Flaxseed  Policosanol 
Garcinia Cambogia Pomegranateorganic
Ginkgo Biloba Red Rice Yeast 
Ginseng Panax Red Vine Leaf 
Glucomannan Konjac Rose Hip 
Goji Sage 
Grape Soy Bean 
Grape SeedorganicStrawberry 
Green CoffeeorganicTurmeric 
Green teaorganicVelerian 
Griffonia Yerba Mate 


organicOrganic grades available

Botanical extracts nexira

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Discover our wide range of high quality natural botanical extracts


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