naltive tara gum

Create the perfect sensory experience

  • Efficient for cold and hot processes
  • Syneresis control
  • 100% natural texturizer for clean label products

Nexira developed a complete range of tara gum specialties with specific and unique functionalities.


Tara shrubs (Caesalpinia spinosa) are wild perennials that exclusively grow in Peru. The tara pods (fruits) are collected and threshed on the spot to separate the seeds. In our Swiss factory, we ground the endosperms into tara gum, using purely physical methods.

Nexira developed the naltive tara gum range:

  • naltive tara premium Syn: a viscosity-reduced tara, suitable for cold processes. Made in our own factory, using our  proprietary process, naltive tara premium Syn offers a double water-binding capacity and thus provides better control to  prevent syneresis without impacting the texture
  • naltive tara provides thickness and mouthfeel for many food applications. Specifically in ice cream, naltive tara prevents  the growth of ice crystals, improves resistance to heat-shock, and provides a smooth meltdown. 

Both clean label, these high-performance grades offer several technical and sensorial benefits in various applications. Contact us for technical support.

The naltive tara gum range enhances the sensory experience of a large array of applications: 

naltive tara gum premium Syn and naltive tara can be used in combination with other hydrocolloids to adjust the texture and help reduce syneresis.

Different consistencies are obtainable depending on the association and the ratio. 

Create the perfect sensory experience with Nexira’s wide range of premium and performing texturizing ingredients

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naltive tara gum
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