• Protects against humidity and oxidation
  • Prevents fat migration
  • Brings texture

Coatingum TM is a natural gum acacia for gumming.


With our acacia gum expertise, we developed a wide range of products derived from acacia gum to meet with the process demand. Coatingum TM is mainly designed for a coating agent use in confectionery application.

Coatingum TM is a full range of purified high quality acacia gum with different standardized mesh sizes. This product line is specifically designed for the pre-coating and coating of centers, such as nuts, almonds or chocolate in the production of panned candies.

During the gumming process, Coatingum TM creates a film around the core which improves the mechanical stability of the coating and the thermo-resistance of the center.  It lends a delicate crunchy but resistant texture to the finished product. Coatingum TM’s film forming, binding and drying properties are unrivaled.

Coatingum TM is a natural ingredient mainly used in:

  • Manufactured in France
  • Complete range
  • Ensures a longer shelf-life for the finished product
  • Ready to use
  • Process economy
acacia coatingum

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