Detox your body

  • Organic prickly pear
  • Helps to eliminate water
  • Preserves body cells from oxidative stress

Cactinea TM is a weight management ingredient derived from the cactus fruit of Opuntia ficus-indica, called prickly pear.


Nexira and Tunisian farmers maintain a long-term partnership which respects both organic rules and sustainable farming. Direct sourcing includes rigorous selection and gentle process. With almost 20 years of experience and unrivalled know-how on cactus, Nexira delivers a high-performance cactus fruit extract.

The prickly pear is considered as a superfruit. It is an extremely potent antioxidant with proven metabolic health benefits on cholesterol modulation, vascular oxidative status and inflammatory markers modulation1,2,3.

Traditionally, prickly pear infusions are known for their depurative and diuretic benefits4,5. Cactinea TM has clinically demonstrated exceptional water elimination properties.6

Cactinea TM has also proven its efficacy by improving body shape and reducing heavy leg and swollen sensations6.


Cactinea TM is a nutraceutical ingredient used in functional beverages and food supplements.

  • Organic grade available
  • 100% Soluble & Clear in solution
  • Microgranulated powder
  • Natural carrier: acacia gum
  • Beautiful color (pink to orange)
  • Exotic taste


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cactus cactinea

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