naltive guar gum

Create the perfect sensory experience

  • Unique process expertise
  • High quality grades with neutral taste
  • Premium grades: syneresis control & smooth texture

Nexira developed a complete range of guar gum specialties with specific and unique functionalities.


Guars (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L.) are cultivated annuals grown primarily in India and Pakistan. The guar pods (fruits) are harvested and threshed mechanically to separate the seeds from the pods. In our Swiss factory, we process the endosperms by a natural proprietary process

Nexira developed a complete range of clean label guar gum specialties with specific and unique functionalities:

  • A range of premium  depolymerized grades that provides high syneresis control and texture enhancement with limited slimy effect. Ideal for cold applications & suitable for frozen products. The range offers different viscosity to fit the requested textures.
  • A range of  highly purified grades with a very neutral taste that helps to improve the texture of sauces, ice cream, baked goods, dairy products, and alternative dairy.

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Thanks to their own specifications and technical benefits, the two naltive guar gum  ranges offer a pleasant, creamy and soft texture that lasts over time in a wide range of applications:

naltive guar gum can be used in combination with other hydrocolloids to create a thick gel and help reduce syneresis. Different consistencies are obtainable depending on the association and the ratio.

Create the perfect sensory experience with Nexira’s wide range of premium and performing texturizing ingredients

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naltive guar gum Nexira
naltive guar gum

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