Create the perfect sensory experience

  • White color, low speck
  • High viscosity
  • 100% natural texturizers for clean label products

Our Swiss-based factory is a world-leading expert in the production of Locust Bean gum (LBG), which is used for its thickening and stabilizing properties. We manufacture a range of high-quality LBG for a large array of applications.


Sourced from carefully selected carob trees (Ceratonia siliqua L.) grown in the Mediterranean area, locust bean gum is a natural texturizer. Once picked, the carob pods are separated from the seeds, which are then transformed to locust bean gum, using purely physical and natural processes.

Nexira offers a complete range of naltive locust bean gum to meet your needs:

  • Premium grades: Extra high grades with advanced functionalities
  • Standard grades: Several grades with different levels of viscosity

The large range of naltive locust bean gum provides specific technical benefits for enhanced sensory experience such as:

  • Prevents the growth of crystals in ice cream and improves the resistance to heat-shock
  • Extends the shelf-life of bakery products
  • Provides thickness and stabilizes any kind of sauce and gravy

Easy-to-use in a large array of traditional applications and plant-based products, naltive locust bean gum brings a creamy and smooth texture to dairy products, offers roundness & palatability in plant-based beverages and improves texture in fruits preparations, bakery and sauces:


Organic grades are available upon request.

naltive locust bean gum can be used in combination with other hydrocolloids to adjust the texture and help reduce syneresis.

Different consistencies can be obtained depending on the association and the ratio.

Create the perfect sensory experience with Nexira’s wide range of premium and performing texturizing ingredients

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