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100 Years of Sourcing Herbs: Nexira’s Journey Towards Innovation and Sustainability

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Navigating Independence and Sustainability: Insights from Nexira’s Managing Director of Nexira In the dynamic world of global commerce, companies often find themselves at a crossroads,


Nexira Focuses on Health and Nutritional Markets

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New Investments in Active Nutrition with Acacia Fiber With more than a $10 million investment, Nexira’s main industrial site benefits from a new production capacity


Interview – Nexira Regulatory Affairs Manager

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FDA Approval Explained by Nexira Regulatory Affairs Manager Thanks to Nexira Proprietary Study, Acacia is Now Officially Confirmed as a Dietary Fiber by the FDA!


Nexira’s Growth Fueled by the Acquisition of UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG

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Nexira’s Growth Fueled by the Acquisition of UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG Rouen, November 2nd, 2021. The independent family-owned company Nexira, world leader in acacia fiber and

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Nexira records the best results since 1895

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Nexira, world leader in natural ingredients, records the best results since its creation in 1895 The family-owned Nexira company, number one in the worldwide acacia

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Nexira and Quadra Ingredients

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New Exclusive Distribution Agreement in Canada Nexira and Quadra Ingredients are excited to announce they have entered into a new exclusive distribution agreement in Canada

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Nexira, the world leader in gum acacia gets stronger in India

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Rouen, France – (July, 2019) – Nexira announces that the new spray-drying tower located in Marudur, Tamil Nadu,  is now fully operational to serve all

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