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INTERVIEW – Supporting the Gut Microbiome with Clinically Proven Prebiotic Acacia

Maintaining Healthy Microbial Balance in the Gut Microbiome with Quality and Science-backed Acacia

In this interview, Franck Gillet, US Sales Director, highlights the potential of our two performing prebiotic formulations to support a healthy digestive system and their benefits for the body on a holistic level.

What specific ingredients or special manufacturing capabilities related to supporting the gut microbiome do you offer brands in supplement applications?

Nexira offers two prebiotic acacia ingredients: prebiotic acacia [inavea™ PURE ACACIA] and our recently launched baobab & acacia [inavea™ BAOBAB ACACIA], which is an all-natural and organic synergistic formulation. We have selected ingredients answering consumers and manufacturers’ needs.

Consumers are seeking products that offer high prebiotic performance and are high in fiber. inavea™ PURE ACACIA has 90% fiber content, guaranteed. Our ingredients are easy-to-use for manufacturers of supplements and powders as well as  on-the-go functional foods and beverages, enabling clean labelling; additionally our inavea™ line is organic and sustainably sourced with a Carbon Neutral footprint for a low environmental impact. Baobab is an exotic plant that allows unique storytelling due to its African origin and great renown.

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Are there new advancements and studies available to enhance new product innovations?

The many and varied health benefits of prebiotic acacia fiber include improved digestive comfort, intestinal transit, increased intestinal flora, and blood sugar regulation, all of which result in well-being from the inside.

The FDA recognized Acacia as a dietary fiber in January 2022. Nexira’s proprietary study was the game-changer in obtaining the FDA approval. The study demonstrated that the consumption of inavea™ pure acacia has beneficial physiological effects on human health by attenuation of post-prandial blood glucose and insulin levels.

inavea™ prebiotic acacia plays a key role in the digestive process, by shortening the time food passes through the intestinal tract, increasing bulk and stool production and preventing constipation.

Our proprietary studies for both ingredients strongly indicate improvements in several gut health parameters. A proven prebiotic effect has been demonstrated with a dosage of just 10 grams per day of inavea™ pure acacia and an even lower dosage of inavea™ baobab acacia, at only 5 grams a day. The studies show a significant improvement in full spectrum fermentation in both the proximal and distal colon. The ingredients activate the production of beneficial metabolites from microbiota, and balance the microflora with the stimulation of beneficial bacteria. Additionally the protection of the microbiota has been demonstrated by the modulation of inflammatory markers resulting from antioxidant activity. Each ingredient has a different impact on bacteria, SCFA, and postbiotics, matching consumer demand for more sophisticated options in this category.

Two in vitro studies have demonstrated SCFA synthesis is higher with prebiotic acacia compared to control and FOS, and CMC and Psyllium. inavea™ pure acacia has proven its prebiotic effect during clinical trials. The latest study conducted by Nexira demonstrates an increase of microbiota diversity. Specific strains are stimulated: B. Longum (probiotic), Prevotellaceae & Lachnospiraceae (SCFA), F. Prausnitzii (inflammation). For inavea™ baobab acacia, the study showed the promotion of beneficial bacteria such as Bifidobacterium spp., Akkermansiaceae, and Christensenellaceae.

Because health starts in the gut, taking care of the gut barrier promotes a healthy immune system. inavea™ pure acacia improves the gut barrier by regulating inflammatory markers.

While many fibers are associated with a negative perception due to undesirable effects such as abdominal cramps, flatulence, and diarrhea, both of our ingredients are FODMAP-friendly certified and provide high digestive tolerance.

New, learn more about our new research on acacia fiber shows significant benefits of food supplements in alleviating constipation.

Do your ingredient solutions have a particular supply chain story or special certifications? 

The company has been involved in sustainable development for more than 50 years.

Nexira works alongside the NGO SOS SAHEL, to prevent deforestation and contribute to the economic and social development of the populations, such as through the pharaonic project of the African Great Green Wall. We have anticipated new regulations, and, with the support of an independent company, leading in environmental and carbon strategies,

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