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Nexira’s Health Division Offers Innovative Nutraceuticals for Wellness

Founded in 1895 by Charles Dondain, Nexira has always followed its mission: to provide innovative natural ingredients to the food, health and nutrition industries, sustainably sourced in a responsible way, for improved health and well-being. As a family-owned company headquartered in Rouen, France, Nexira has established itself as the world leader in acacia fiber, a natural exudate of acacia trees. Over the years, Nexira has expanded its expertise to include a wide array of natural ingredients, earning a reputation for excellence and innovation on a global scale. Nexira’s commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in its diverse portfolio, which features high-quality plant extracts, antioxidants, dietary soluble fibers, and active botanicals aimed at promoting general health and wellness. The company’s global expertise spans from raw material sourcing and proprietary processing technologies to formulation support, ensuring that customers receive comprehensive solutions tailored to their needs.

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Nexira’s Health Division is dedicated to enhancing wellness through a range of nutraceutical ingredients that cater to women’s care, mood balance, biotics, and healthy weight. With a bold approach to nature and a foundation in botanical knowledge and scientific expertise, Nexira develops innovative, effective, and sustainable solutions for well-being.

This division has been instrumental in driving the company’s growth, particularly in the U.S. market, with a focus on nutraceuticals and premium ingredients for the health industry. Nexira Health caters to strategic health categories such as immunity, digestive health, metabolic health including healthy weight management, and stress management, offering products that resonate with the current consumer demand for health and wellness.

Sourcing the best of nature

For several decades, Nexira has committed on preserving the origins of the natural raw materials sourced to create reliable partnership as well as address on must haves such as sustainability and traceability.

Sourcing acerola in Brazil

We are proud to explore and source the best from nature. Research on natural substances has always been of major importance to Nexira. Years of data research combined with in-depth expertise of raw products and plants has led us to become the global leader of supplying and manufacturing natural-origin key ingredients.

Our botanists work with a global network of partners to identify new plants to be analyzed in order to understand their behavior and define the best cultivation, harvest, and supply conditions. These journeys and discoveries lead us sometimes to master our own sourcing fileds, such as for the Acacia or Cactus (NeopuntiaTM and CactineaTM). This enables us to guarantee full traceability and ensure the content of active substances by the best cultural and harvesting practices.

The company’s approach goes beyond environmental protection; it encompasses social development and economic growth in the regions from which it sources its ingredients. Nexira’s sustainability legacy began in the 1970s, decades before others, with a focus on preserving natural resources, particularly acacia forests.
Nexira’s unique multi-pronged approach has seen them become the acacia industry’s first and only company to work closely with an NGO for almost 15 years, as well as national organizations and producers, to create better local living conditions. These efforts have been proven to generate a sustainable harvest of acacia, leading to more qualitative and quantitative production. In collaboration with strategic partners, Nexira aslo secures cactus-derived ingredients like Neopuntia™ and Cactinea™ through sustainable and traceable supply chains. These partnerships not only guarantee the quality and authenticity of the ingredients but also promote fair trade practices and support the local communities involved in cactus cultivation. By emphasizing these initiatives, Nexira showcases its unwavering dedication to sustainability, transparency, and quality in botanical ingredient sourcing.

Converting raw materials into high value ingredients

Processing: Made in France

Nexira takes pride in its technical and industrial expertise in France, where it converts botanicals into high-value ingredients. Nexira’s manufacturing plants in France are equipped for extensive extraction, purification, spray-drying, thus providing state-of-the-art technologies.
Nexira has developed its own industrial facilities over the years, with a manufacturing unit dedicated to the processing of acacia fiber (Serqueux, Normandy) and the extraction and purification of a large portfolio of botanical ingredients (Lamothe-Montravel, Nouvelle Aquitaine).

With a long history of technical and industrial expertise in France, Nexira can convert botanicals into high-value ingredients. The company’s commitment to innovation, compliance, and performance is reflected in its processing practices, ensuring that all products are made in France and meet the highest standards:

Effectiveness: Clinically Proven Solutions

The effectiveness of Nexira’s products is grounded in science. The company provides clinically proven natural solutions that make a real difference in the market. Nexira’s platforms focus on hot topics like women’s health, digestive health and prebiotics, metabolic health including healthy weight with premium solutions like VinOgrape™ for microbiome modulation, ViNitrox™ for sports nutrition, Cognivia™ for cognitive health. Nexira provides hero ingredients, answering current market trends and consumer demands for scientific evidence and organic solutions.

Nexira’s commitment to scientific rigor is underscored by the activities of its R&D department which is involved in studies of effectiveness in the field of food formulation science and the health benefits associated with botanical extracts.

Nexira collaborates with experts from prestigious institutions around the world, including Wageningen University (Netherlands), University of Minnesota (USA), Bordeaux University (France), and Northumbria University (UK). This ensures that Nexira’s research is informed by the latest scientific developments.

Emphasis on clinical studies: Nexira places a strong emphasis on conducting preclinical (in vitro and in vivo) and clinical studies to validate the nutritional and physiological benefits of its ingredients. This commitment to clinical research provides strong scientific evidence for the efficacy of Nexira’s natural health solutions.

By coupling scientific expertise with a deep understanding of market trends, Nexira can deliver innovative, efficient, and sustainable solutions that cater to the needs of today’s health-conscious consumers.

Nutraceuticals and Health ingredients

Nexira provides innovative natural ingredients, sustainably sourced in a responsible way, for improved health and well-being. Our health portfolio includes premium nutraceuticals, a complete palette of strongly supported active ingredients either with scientific and clinical evidence, marketing support or robust sourcing storytelling. We also provide distinctive and comprehensive botanical extracts range backed with Nexira’s best and reputable quality guarantees.

1. Fit & Strong

The Fit & Strong platform is dedicated to enhancing healthy weight focusing on ingredients that support weight-loss or detox. This platform leverages ingredients like VinOgrape™ Plus (Vitis vinifera L. (grape polyphenols)) for microbiome modulation and Carolean™, a patent-pending complex of carob and nopal for appetite control, catering to individuals seeking to improve their physical fitness and metabolic health.

mood and balance

2. Mood & Balance

The Mood & Balance platform is dedicated to mental wellness and emotional balance. Ingredients such as SimagTM (natural marine magnesium), SerenzoTM sweet orange peel essential oil, and Cognivia™ are carefully selected to support stress management, mood and cognitive function.

3. Women & Care

The Women & Care platform addresses urinary comfort and beauty from within with premium ingredients like ExocyanTM (cranberry extract) for urinary health and botanicals like Hibiscus for polyphenol content.

Each division within Nexira’s Health Portfolio is aligned with the company’s mission to provide innovative natural ingredients to the food, health and nutrition industries, sustainably sourced in a responsible way, for improved health and well-being.

4. Biotics & Protect

Focusing on prebiotics and fiber enrichment, the Biotics & Protect platform by Nexira offers premium solutions like inavea™ PURE ACACIA (prebiotic acacia fiber) and inavea™ BAOBAB ACACIA  (a synergistic formulation of baobab & acacia) to support digestive health and overall well-being. These ingredients are designed to enrich the diet with fibers that promote a healthy gut microbiota.

In conclusion, Nexira’s commitment to providing innovative natural ingredients for the Health & Nutrition industries is unwavering. With a focus on sustainability, traceability, and quality, Nexira’s botanical knowledge and scientific expertise drive the development of effective and sustainable solutions dedicated to well-being.

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