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Health Benefits of Acacia Fiber: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Health Benefits of Acacia Fiber: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

World leader in acacia, Nexira, explains how prebiotic acacia supports digestive health. Learn more about the benefits of acacia fiber and its uses.

Acacia Fiber Benefits

The food industry has always known of the functional gum acacia uses for emulsifying, stabilizing, and thickening foods and beverages. It is used for fiber fortification in many applications, from baked goods to soup to yogurt. With its natural health benefits, acacia now plays many more roles in digestive health product applications: enrichment in soluble dietary fibers, improvement of digestive comfort, and as a source of prebiotic fiber.

As an excellent prebiotic, acacia fiber ferments in the intestines. It has been shown to increase the intestinal population of healthy bacteria, and specifically the anti-inflammatory bacterium. The prebiotic benefits of acacia fiber have positive physiologic effects on the host, providing support for overall gut health.

Is acacia fiber good for you? That’s a question being asked by consumers worldwide who are increasingly seeking natural products, such as organic acacia fiber. With gut health top of mind, they want to experience the prebiotic health benefits of acacia fiber.

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Nexira offers manufacturers acacia ingredients that are FODMAP-friendly and Non-GMO Project verified grades of organic acacia gum, the best acacia for clean-label ingredients, suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Acacia Is An Exceptional Source Of Dietary Fiber

Gum acacia provides an excellent source of fiber with multiple benefits. Because it has a high soluble fiber content, acacia gum is a versatile ingredient that can enrich the nutritional profile of food and beverages and is used in dietary supplements to support digestive health.

The advantages of a fiber-rich diet are vital to the digestive process. Due to the fact that acacia shortens the time food passes through the intestinal tract, increasing bulk and stool production, acacia fiber can help prevent occasional constipation. Acacia fiber increases the sensation of satiety, subsequently reducing calorie intake, which may help with weight management.

How much acacia fiber per day is healthy? The World Health Organization [WHO] asserts that dietary fiber intake should be 25-30g/day for a healthy lifestyle. The advantages of a diet rich in fiber relates to an improved digestive process and a healthier gut.

With a minimum of 90% fiber content guaranteed, inavea™ PURE ACACIA is the ideal clean-label ingredient for fiber fortification; it’s certified FODMAP-friendly and has proven prebiotic effects. inavea™ acacia fiber is used to enrich food and beverage recipes with dietary fiber, or to add a prebiotic claim. Thus, acacia fiber is a particularly appropriate ingredient for use in the expanding markets for functional beverages, nutritional powders, healthy snack bars or supplements that promote gut health.

Why Use Prebiotic Acacia Fiber?

The notion of good dietary habits, including fruit, vegetables, and other dietary fiber, such as acacia, deals with the maintenance of good health through balanced nutrition. Conversely, unbalanced nutrition and poor dietary habits could lead to diseases and other troubles. As it is difficult to meet the fiber recommendations via traditional foods, innovative high-fiber products made with prebiotic acacia fiber may help consumers to increase their fiber intakes.

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the adequate intake for fiber is 25 g per day for women and 30 g per day for men (USDA, 2020). However, more than 90% of American do not meet recommended intakes for dietary fiber. This is commonly known as the Fiber Gap.

Fill the Fiber Gap with Acacia Fiber

Nexira, world leader in acacia, is a pioneer in scientific research on the nutritional and health benefits of acacia as a native source of soluble dietary fiber. Nexira recently conducted new and ambitious experiments to demonstrate the prebiotic effect of inavea™ PURE ACACIA, the first premium and sustainable organic prebiotic acacia fiber combining two promises: strong science and carbon neutrality. In addition, thanks to a Nexira proprietary study, acacia is officially confirmed as a dietary fiber by the FDA.

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What’s in it?

  • Market Demand to Fill the Fiber Gap
  • Acacia Fiber Approved in USA
  • Easy-to-Use in High-Fiber Fortified Products
  • Clean-label, Organic
  • The First Carbon Neutral Ingredient
  • Strong Proprietary Scientific Support for Health Benefits

Acacia Has Comfortable Digestibility

With millions of people suffering from some kind of gut problem, the digestive health category is a fast-growing market around the world. Acacia may be beneficial to people with LGS [Leaky Gut Syndrome]. One of the most important roles of the gut barrier is to distinguish between pathogenic and non-pathogenic compounds. Intestinal inflammation compromises the gut barrier and alters gut impermeability, known as leaky gut syndrome. Research shows that acacia can reduce the inflammation associated with LGS, and suggests that acacia is well tolerated and is comfortably digested by the body.

Acacia is FODMAP-friendly

FODMAP stands for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, and Polyols (i.e. carbohydrates and sugar alcohols). These elements can cause gastrointestinal problems for people with IBS.

The low FODMAP diet is scientifically proven to be the most effective dietary approach for people with digestive disorders or symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. In order to limit these digestive issues, people have to avoid foods containing high levels of FODMAP. inavea™ PURE ACACIA has been recently evaluated on the predominantly constipated category of people suffering from IBS: inavea™ PURE ACACIA has demonstrated its potency in reducing constipation for those who suffer from IBS.

Nexira offers FODMAP-friendly certified prebiotic pure acacia ingredients that can be included in low-FODMAP food and beverage products.

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health benefits of acacia fiber nexira

From supplements to functional food and beverages, Nexira’s pure acacia fiber is easy-to-use in a wide array of applications.

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